sMeta: simple metadata API for Java

sMeta is a very simple, extensible Java API for reading metadata from files of various formats, such as ID3 tags from MP3 files, EXIF data from JPEG files, chunks from PNG files, etc.

If you have a need to read metadata from files, sMeta can help you. Some metadata formats sMeta implements directly, and others sMeta provides a thin wrapper around other metadata libraries. If sMeta does not currently support a file type you need to work with, it is easily extended to support it.

The design principles for sMeta are:

Simple to use
It shouldn't take a rocket scientist to use the library. Rocket scientists are more than welcome to try it out, too.
Pluggable metadata support
Different metadata types should be able to be configured for use by the core sMeta library without re-compiling anything or re-packaging anything.
Easily extended
Adding support for new metadata types should be simple, as well as extending support for existing types.


You can browse the most recent stable release API documentation online. These are also included in the release package in the docs/api directory.

For a quick introduction, see the Getting Started document, which shows how to get started using sMeta very quickly.

Project info

The sMeta project page on SourceForge contains project info. Logo